This is why you should hire a Personal Injury Attorney
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This is why you should hire a Personal Injury Attorney

This is why you should hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Fictional plays in TV shows and films have made a lot of people believe they can get a pretty hefty payment out of their insurance companies for being injured. If you are a scammer we advise you to stop right there and not go further in your attempts at fraud, that’s the one piece of advice that AOD Law Firm will give you for a free right of the bat. However, if you have actually been injured, the worst thing you can do is to handle the claim on your own without the assistance of a personal injury law firm.

So many people try to settle injury cases on their own that is sad to see how many of them get rejected by their own insurance services. Most of them don’t know what to say and blow their chances for proper compensation just by running their mouths more than they should. Now don’t get us wrong, it’s important to tell your insurance company what happened to you, but context always matters for this people since they are not exactly eager to pay money even if you are contracting their services.

AOD Law Firm firmly believes that every injury case should receive the proper compensation and the best way to do so is by hiring a personal injury law firm. As service providers on this particular niche we can tell easily why you need us:

We Get Your Foot Unstuck Out of Your Mouth

Many people are not aware of this, but the moment you make contact with your insurance company after an accident, you will have to talk to an insurance company adjuster. You will probably spill your guts about everything out of nervousness as the call is recorded. These guys are trained to use anything you say against you. Adjusters are trained to cherry-pick the damaging sentences of your initial report. When you hire people AOD Law Firm, we’ll do the talking for you. We are prepared to put your words in the right context, and our testimonies can’t be cross-examined against anything.

We Take Liens off Your Back

When you manage to get a settlement because of an accident, you will be stuck with many bills that will take away most of your compensation, such as the liens that are owed to the hospital and the doctors that treated you. The rates of these professionals are quite high but at AOD Law Firm offers experienced personal Philadelphia Injury Lawyers that can tell you which liens are legitimate, and which ones can be negotiated.

We put you in the hands of The Best Doctors

In one of the worst moves ever conceived by corporate America, quite a few doctors are willing to work with insurance companies to downplay your right to compensation as well as the extension of your injuries. At AOD Law Firm we advise you never to trust a doctor assigned by an insurance company. We can assist you in the search of the right professional to attend your injury properly.

We will handle all The Logistics of Your Case

As a personal injury law firm, AOD Law will handle all the matters related to your case on time and with proper diligence. We know who we have to contact and the right moment to do so. We will negotiate the best deal on your behalf with all the power granted by our expertise. We do our best to reach satisfactory results since we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid.